Day 6:july  2010

The Summer after 8th grade, my parents decided to take our family abroad for the first time. This coincided with my decision that popping the 3D lenses out of the glasses they gave you at the movies, then wearing them around like they were your prescribed glassless glasses, was the coolest thing I could do.


Leaning into the weird was my specialty.


The family photos of us going through the British Museum, walking around Trafalgar Square, Covet Garden, Camden Locke, and the rest of London, are photos littered with my long side bangs running into the frames of the bulky plastic of my 3D experiences. Behind the frames I proudly wore lavender eye shadow and copper eyeliner that my mom had treated me shortly after my 13th birthday. It was a phase in which if you didn't look closely enough, you could have easily believed I had pink eye and was trying to hide it.